How does a dusty lemon orchard become one of Southern California’s most gorgeous wedding venues?

When I was four, my parents bought this property and moved us into a small, used, pink trailer. But they had big plans! Tony, my dad, was ready to start a landscaping company. My mom, Jo, had her sights set on a plant nursery. Meanwhile, my three siblings and I were excited to experience childhood on the property by running barefoot and fancy-free.


The venue’s first wedding: ours!

I came home from college ready to marry Rob — a boy who grew up on the farms of Indiana. Rob and I had a simple ceremony in the backyard, followed by a reception in the front yard. It was beautiful, relaxed, and the first and last time our garage would serve as the backdrop to a buffet on this property! My farm boy and I then returned to Sacramento to start our life and a family of our own.


A family-run business

Ten years later, my dad began recreating the nursery (and our yard) into a wedding venue. With just a ceremony area, he turned Maravilla Gardens Nursery and Landscaping into Maravilla Gardens Weddings and Events. He had always designed spaces for his clients. Now, weddings were his client.


What do we love about running Maravilla Gardens?

In 2010, my little family of four moved home to Camarillo, and Mom and Dad had retirement plans on the horizon. I dove in headfirst into running Maravilla Gardens, and Rob joined me a year later. We love everything about guiding couples through this amazing journey. Our lives are colored by the experiences of the people who fill this space.